Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #5

This week's thankfuls!!

1) I am thankful that when I get my daughter out of bed it is usually accompanied by this pretty face and not a fussy one:
She really likes taking her pants off lately.  I think it is because they are too long on her!

2. I am thankful for date nights with my husband.  We had a delicious dinner, time to chat and unwind and it was delightful. 

3. Plans with friends!  I have lunch plans with a friend today, dinner plans on Friday and family plans on Sunday - I love it!

4. A busy month of May.  Sounds crazy but we have a TON going on with the teen center in May.  I'm thankful for the ministry opportunities and the busyness that will make this month go faster so August arrives quickly :)

5. My Bible study girls.  I think there are three of them that are making great strides these days and it makes me thrilled to see the Lord working in their hearts!

6. A reminder to be cheerful.  I had a day of the grumpys yesterday.  I think I'm in a bit of a funk - nothing that some God time and a nice mocha couldn't cure.  :)  I was thankful at the end of the day to realize that none of it REALLY mattered and that my attitude was not contributing to my witness.

7. My kid's silly sense of humor.

8. Naps!  This week I've snuck in at least two short naps. I just get so tired in the middle of the day!  I'm hoping that this is simply pregnancy related - I HATE that terrible mid-day I have to take a nap feeling.

9. People with graphic design ability.  We are working on some new brochures for our ministry and I am LOVING what they are sending over!  If you ever need any graphic designers I've got three recommendations off the top of my head!

10.  The sun!  I can actually see it today and there has been no rain!  It'd be nice to make it through the day without rain, we shall see!

Thanks for reading!! :D


  1. your list is a great one ... being cheerful, your cute kiddo, naps (totally jealous of naps!), the sun...all great things! have a super day!

  2. WIth 4 kiddo's I still take naps some days. :) Nothing to feel bad about! :) I am seeing a lot of date nights this week. I have almost forgotten what those are! :)

  3. Chrissi - thanks! Naps are amazing :)

    MCI - naps are goooood! :) Date nights are awesome - we go out EVERY Wednesday unless he has to work which is rare, sickness or new baby. Otherwise I get cranky if I don't get my date night! And fortunately my parents are always willing to watch the munchkin!