Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny Friday: Tip For Life

It's going to be short but sweet today.  Yesterday we played in the sand and water on the back porch for a couple hours.  Good fun had by mom and Grace.  Then she came in for a bath, hubs cooked dinner and it was a nice, relaxing night.

Here is my tip:
After playing in the sand baby will DEFINITELY need a bath.  After baby's bath make sure to not just drain water from tub but to REALLY rinse it well.  Otherwise, when you take a bath later you may unwillingly exfoliate your hiney.


Hope you're having an amazing Friday!

**Side note on Saturday - gave the kiddo another bath today.  She HATES to sit in the tub.  She crouches (which I'm sure causes amazing leg strength)...made me wonder if possibly SHE has unwillingly exfoliated her tushy and is wiser than I am.

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  1. two birds one stone! ha ha free exfoliation! haha