Monday, May 2, 2011

Why I have Grace.

Grace Louise - September 16, 2009

I always love to hear about why people choose their children's names.  My Grace was going to be Madalyn until about month 7.  Then, a random late night face book chat changed it all.

One of my dear friends was having some issues planning her wedding.  It seems her mother in law was being a bit of a handful.  The discussion soon turned from her wedding to my baby and she asked how I would work after having a little one.  I said, I wasn't sure and I would definitely need some grace during that transition time.  Then I stopped.  GRACE.  I ran downstairs and told my (ever so patient) husband that I thought our baby's name was Grace.  He thought and prayed on it and said yes, Grace it was.

See, before we were blessed with this young lady we had another pregnancy.  In June of 2008 I got my first positive pregnancy test.  I was ecstatic!  Because of some issues with me we went in for an ultrasound for dating and found out we were at just 6 weeks.  This was early enough for us to see the little blink that was the baby's heartbeat but they were concerned about the heart rate and we had to go back a week later for another ultrasound.  At that appointment, they could not find a heartbeat.  We were heartbroken and after I did some kicking and screaming I came to the conclusion that although I DID NOT LIKE the situation, I had no choice but to admit God was in control.  Then, when we found out we were pregnant in late December we were happy but nervous.

We went through the same scary situation with this pregnancy.  An early ultrasound for dating then a follow up one to check on her heart a week later.  That was the longest week of my life.  After making it through that ultrasound I went to every appointment just a little nervous that something would be wrong. 

On September 16, 2009 our fears for the pregnancy phase were over (we still have to think about boys and dating and life!)  but our Grace Louise was finally here.  Her middle name is my middle name, and my mothers.  Her name Grace - well, I found this definition of the word grace: the free and unmerited favour of God shown towards humankind. And really, I think that sums up our baby.  This hit home so much more after the loss of our first baby - the Lord in His goodness gives us precious gifts that we are not able to earn and that we certainly don't deserve but he entrusts us to take care of this little life.  We are so blessed!


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  1. reading this---made me really miss walking through that apartment door in OH and seeing you! gosh---can't wait to see you again "soon" [must plan trip!]