Monday, May 23, 2011

Naming My Days

If I had to name my days...

Manic Monday - because EVERYTHING has to be done

Time Crunch Tuesday - because a mid-day meeting makes nap schedule, lunch schedule and such so much more important.

Wonderful Wednesday - although not this week or next...usually it is date night though!

Thoughtful Thursday - this is the day when I try to get my heavy thinking out of the way

Flash Friday - they always seem to go fast

Somber Saturday - I don't know what my issue is, too much alone time?  Saturdays I usually end up quite pensive lately

Slumber Sunday - church, naps, playtime bed for the entire family! ;)

Not much of a post today but the kiddo is screaming (she won't nap), I have 41 emails staring at me that have to get answered and I have a list of projects I want to accomplish.  Ah well, it'll all get done :) 

4:30pm - I am down to 20 emails in my inbox although they just keep coming in!  I finished what was supposed to be an awesome dress for's going to be a halter shirt instead.  I couldn't get it to lay right so I chopped off part of it and made a shirt :)  The other halter dress I'm going to use for her next summer.  I'm LOVING sewing.  I feel like it is creative, fairly easy so far and a lot of fun!  I think I'm going to the fabric store today before Bible study to browse.  I'm so glad we have Bible study tonight - I could use a strong dose of Jesus right now!

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