Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walk with me.

Today I figured I'd give you a glimpse into my world.

I don't get up until 9.  I'm not lazy I promise.  My husband and I are on weird schedules because he works late on the weekends and we've found it is easier to stay up/get up later than to try to adjust completely during the week.  He is also amazing and gets up with our daughter so I can rest.  I'm one of those weird people that need time in bed to sleep of course but it takes me FOREVER to unwind and be ready to sleep...and of course I'm awake at least twice in the night because I'm pregnant :)

After my wake up I took a shower then settled in for my favorite part of the day :)  I got breakfast for me and my girl (rice cakes with peanut butter) then we watched Little House on the Prairie until 10am.  She woke up early this morning so is taking an early nap.  She went to bed and I pulled out my Beth Moore Bible Study on Paul.   Now it is time to get to work!  I have only 18 messages that came in while I slept (usually I wake up to 30 or so), shows to announce and promote and a few other random things to get finished!

I have finished my emails!  YEA!  I am waiting on my Outlook 2007 to decide it likes me.  I installed it yesterday on my computer but it is being hateful.  Ugh, upgrades.

Outlook still doesn't work.  But I did get three shows posted (, and get a bunch of other sites updated.  My father in law also decided he needed to comment on or like everything on my facebook.  He has 7 kids...I have 1.  Pretty sure I'll win that war.  I think I'll launch an attach around midnight while he is trying to sleep...or around 9pm on Thursday when he is dating his wife. Bwah ha ha.  :)  Kiddo is still asleep.

Since we last talked I have fed my daughter (yogurt, a roll and grapes), eaten lunch (bowl of leftover rice...healthy right?), attempted to get groceries, publicly boycotted Meijer and met up with a friend to pick up some supplies for an event on Friday night.  The Meijer lady made me mad...apparently the name on my ID that matches the name on my paper wasn't good enough.  I realize she is following policy but I know it can be done since it has been done before.  But whatever - Target and Walmart are fine stores too.  I also considered backing my car into someone that honked at me.  Maybe I should get off of here, take a time out and spend some time praying.  Can someone send me a shirt that says "I'm pregnant and hormonal, leave me alone."?  Ok, I think I'm going to go watch Sesame Street with my little cuddle bug and then get back to work (because after answering all my emails I'm back to 23.  The downside of answering them is it tends to create more :).

My dad just came to pick up the munchkin so I have a bit of time.  Lets see, Grace and I watched Sesame Street...I may have fallen asleep.  Then we got her some dinner (strawberries and grilled cheese).  Then we colored pretty pictures to give to my mom - she is getting her Mother's Day present tonight.  Now Grace is gone for a bit, the hubs and I will go out to dinner whenever he emerges from his office and life will be grand.  In the meantime, more work to get done.  I'm back to 22 emails.

I was going to type about how I may be overly sensitive but I don't think blaming a company policy on an individual and giving them grief about it is very nice...then I realized that may have been what I did to the poor Meijer lady.  Ok, still don't like them, nothing against her :)  Husband and I are going to try Bonefish Grill tonight...we'll see how it goes!  Gotta get ready to go.

Since I may not be free again between date, picking up the muchkin and bed I'm going to go ahead and post this now! :D  Hope you had a good day!

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  1. i've always thought of doing this. i've seen other bloggers do it. i might try one day, ha ha.