Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journals: What they reveal.

Yesterday I was reading through some old journals preparing for a Bible study.  It was an interesting walk down memory lane.  The six year old journals were full of God - it seemed like every page was a Bible study or a prayer.  I didn't get through them all...the box in the picture is only some of them.  I did note a few things.

1) I used to read books about the Lord a LOT more.
    Some of my favorite entries were notes about chapters I'd read or what other authors had to say.  It was pretty obvious how I spent my time.

2) I was HONEST with the Lord.
   I read through some of my prayers and I felt like while I praised Him, I told Him how I really felt.

3) I was a touch judgemental.
   Ok, maybe more than a touch...one of my entries basically said a fairly well respected writer about womanhood should have her head inspected.  The book makes more sense now that I'm married but we're going to have to agree to disagree on some points.

4) I was thoughtful.
   I don't know how much time I spent thinking about things but I had ideas and an ache to express them.

Except for the judgemental one, I want to go back!  I want the Lord to be my consuming focus and the desire of my heart.  I'm trying to implement some ways to get back to that but frankly, I think it's sad that I have to implement anything and it isn't just my heart's cry.  Life has changed a lot since then...I'm no longer a college kid with nothing but time on my hands but HE needs to always be my priority.

Thank the Lord for random ways to get our attention.


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