Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planning, Parenting and Procrastinating

I feel like I have my weekend to-do list pretty much all ready to go.  It involves digging out a LOT of baby items before I get any bigger and it gets any hotter.  I also have some things to get rid of to clear up some space.  Fortuntely I have not bought many new clothes for this one since Grace already has a TON of stuff! 

Today I was going to take Grace to Meijer to walk with me.  Sounds silly right?  I need time at a grocery store where I can focus on HER and not on shopping.  Before the baby arrives I need her to walk through a grocery store with me without fussing and staying with me the entire time.  It seems like the best way to work on that is just to go do it.  We'll see - it was storming pretty good earlier so we might go later today.

I've got some awesome projects this weekend.  I have a new pattern for a dress for Miss Grace.  I also really want to make chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting.  Hopefully those will get done along with getting the baby stuff out.

Right now though I just want to sit.  We don't have our air on all the time here and my office is HOT.  I'm going to go find a cooler place in the house to sit for a bit :)

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