Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #34

I am thankful!! :)

1. I am thankful for being finished Christmas shopping!  I got some cool gifts, a lot of personalized things and I have REALLY enjoyed picking things out (and finding great deals!)

2. I am thankful for a to do list this weekend that I'm excited to tackle.  It includes things such as wrapping gifts, dying my hair, watching "The Help"...would be more pumped if Morgan or Joie were home for the weekend to hang with me and the girlies while we did it all, but ya know, it'll still be awesome.

3. I am thankful for my "rest time" yesterday.  Hubs let me chill for a little bit while he watched the girls in the afternoon.  I needed a break.

4. I am thankful for 42 jars of jelly made, sealed and ready to go for this year!

5. I am thankful for a Doctor who calls me to make sure my kid is still feeling ok.  I LOVE her!

6. I am thankful for friends who call to chat!

7. I am thankful for Christmas cards!  (Ok, any mail that isn't advertisements or bills is good in my book!)

8. I am thankful for the season of Christmas, CHIRSTmas music, and time together!

9. I am thankful for church Christmas banquet next Sunday!  This will be the girls first (of 2-3) chances to wear their Christmas dresses and I'm pumped!

10. I am thankful for more writing this week.  It may not all make sense but it is such a good outlet and I miss it when I stop doing it!

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  1. I wish I was home too!!! Stupid finals! Next weekend though! I promise!

    Ps. I think you mean CHRISTmas for number 8. ;)

    See you soon!