Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tradition 2: The Book

Blog post from my bed #2. If we didn't know each other so well this could be awkward.

Actually, Christmas tradition post 2!  The book.  That's right, this is the tradition you secretly hate as a kid, grudgingly accept as a teen and think of with fondness as an adult.

We would all go get breakfast and finally, finally gather to open presents and then would bring out the book. Someone was picked to read it...I think usually me so I had to pay attention...and then we would all take a minute to remember Christmas isn't about the insane pile of gifts we were about to open but about Christ's love and sharing it with others.

I used to hate it.  I mean, it is such a short book I could probably recite most of it pretty accurately and we read it EVERY year.  But it's what we do. It is my mom's 'thing' and I hope my kids grow up and learn to love it too!


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