Friday, December 9, 2011

Tradition 3: Passing the Presents

One thing that makes me absolutely crazy in Christmas movies is when you see the kids tearing down the stairs Christmas morning and ripping into presents all alone.  OR when everyone is sitting around but everyone is just opening presents and ignoring everyone else.  (And if that is how your family does things, I do not mean to offend! :)

In our family my mom and dad always implied that if we were all going to spend time and money buying things that we expected each other to enjoy, they wanted to be able to see the presents get opened.  So, typically either my dad or whoever is sitting closest to the tree will pick up a present.  Whoever it is for will open will be taken, oohs and aahs exchanged.  Then, that person will go and present a present to the next person.  You are not allowed to pick a gift for yourself and you are not allowed to dig through the pile unless you have a really good reason or someone hasn't gotten a gift in awhile.  Then it is ok to find them one.  (Or if you have a two part gift and you want to find part one...sometimes that's allowed...other times you just have to wait until part one is found).

Presents in our family take ALL MORNING, we also usually have anywhere from 6-12 people there depending on what family is there.  We get up, eat breakfast, read The Book, open presents, eat more breakfast and finish opening presents.  Usually followed by the younger people messing with electronics, the babies and "old" people napping. 

I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  Can't wait!


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