Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tradition 4: Stockings

Stockings are a BIG DEAL in my family.  These are the gifts you can open as soon as you get up.  My stocking usually contains: candy, socks, pens, jewelry and other random goodies.  Back when we used "real" film we used to get film every year and as a kid we got Lifesaver books every year.  These are never expensive items and are always fun.  I distinctly remember getting a mood ring one year and wearing it back to bed after I opened my stocking.

Why would I go back to bed?  Because the rule in our house was stockings could be open any time Christmas morning provided that you had first fallen asleep and that you did not use an alarm clock to wake yourself up.  So I generally opened mine about 3am then went back to sleep. 

My sister and I had a competition every year to see who would get there first.  And although she lost EVERY year, it was still indeed a competition.  Oh, that was the other part, you couldn't leave your stocking items exposed.  Since a lot of what we were getting were duplicates we (I) always made sure to pack them away so it didn't ruin the surprise for my sister.

The first year I was married my sister was excited that she was FINALLY going to beat me.  How could I win?  I was in a different house about 10 minutes away.  This was going to be her year.  Just to mess with her, I sent my alarm clock for 4am, broke into my parents house, opened my stocking, packed it up and drove home.  Did I break the rules?  Yes.  Did she think it was hilarious?  Of course.  (Since then she has beaten me since she wakes up at my parents house and we have to drive there after waking up at home...and Hubs does NOT like to be rushed.)

Have I mentioned I love Christmas?


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  1. This is awesome!! I love reading your traditions!