Saturday, December 24, 2011

Off to a good start...smh.

So smh means Smack My Head apparently.  Glad I could educate you.  Here is how my day has looked...

Kiddos woke up around midnight and did NOT want to sleep last night.  Abi woke up at 7:45, Grace woke up at 9.

I marked all the stocking presents with first initials...forgetting A stands for both Aaron and Abi.  Abi really has no use for Aaron's socks and undies. 

Breakfast was delightful but I think I need to make french toast more.  (Only hub's favorite breakfast).  I was a bit rusty - it turned out ok.

I accidentally told Hubs he was getting coffee for Christmas awhile ago.  Imagine his disappointment when he waited until after presents to make a pot only to find out it's whole bean and we don't have a grinder.  (He improvised with a mini blender - what a man)

Went to start making the coffee cake.  Need an egg so I probably shouldn't have used them all for breakfast.  No big deal, will grab one on the way to the parent's house and make it tonight.

Put Grace down for a nap...she is still awake an hour later although now she is locked in the crib.

Had some stomach pains.  Figured I was going to die of appendicitis seeing as a friend posted on FB about it last night.  Good news, an hour later it passed.  (After I told her I thought I was dying and it was her fault).

Started on sweet potato casserole.  A few text messages and a phone call later I'm SURE my mom thinks I have lost my mind.  YES, bake then mash the potatoes.  NO, don't bake it now, bake it here.  YES, this is NOT that difficult.  Turns out this needs eggs too.  I got everything else mixed and now need to go to the store PRIOR to going to the 'rents house.

Was going to go ahead and get me dressed so I just need to get the girls dressed after this alleged nap that doesn't appear to be happening.  'Cept all my clothes are in the basement where Hubs is napping.  Didn't feel like putting my pjs back on so I threw on a cotton dress.  I kind of look like a nun.

Ok, Grace is singing, Abi is screaming (just woke up)...I am going to go see what I can do about this crazy.

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  1. I thought SMH was Shake my head, not smack, but I guess it all means the same thing... lol I'm sorry you had a rough Christmas Eve, but it sounds like it all turned out ok.

    I would've loved to see this "nun" dress you speak of, but there's still time for that! lol

    Ps. Let's have movie night this week??