Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chocolate Chips

I've been a little grumpy lately.  Hubs said its because I don't exercise.  I spent a few minutes being annoyed with him then decided he was probably right.

I find when I'm grumpy I tend to bake.  I think it might be for easy access to the chocolate chips.  I'm also sure that the sugar and not exercising does nothing to cure my mood.  I considered doing one of those trendy cleanses - but frankly if all I eat every day is green juice someone may get strangled before the cleanse is over and that would be bad.  I guess that means no more munching chocolate chips and figuring out a way to exercise.  Ugh.

Today I made some granola bars.  I didn't have walnuts so I just used extra oats and shredded wheat.  I also did a raisin/chocolate combo which I'm just not a fan of but the kiddo won't care.  I think next time I might try to work in some peanut butter and leave out the raisins.  We shall see. 

I'm finding that on Saturdays I try to bake muffins for breakfasts, figure out some new healthy snacks and get ahead of the game.  Tonight I'm working on a cake for church (pictures later) that I'm pretty excited about.  We'll see how it turns out.  I've been wanting to do another cake for awhile now.

Speaking of that list of wants, I have managed to:
write, plan (an awesome vacation for me, the girlies and a friend!), put down my phone and cuddle,  love on Abi, cook more, clean some...we'll get there, organize a bit, got a few decent nights sleep, bake that cake, almost finish my to-do list - ha!, paint my fingernails and a few other things.  It's been good. 

I'm excited about this vacation!  We are going to Indianapolis to stay with some amazing relatives.  The plan is to take the girls and spend a day at the indoor water park, then take a day off to spend with the family, then spend a day at the children's museum then come home!  Hopefully between the two of us we'll have a great time and we'll be able to share Abi duty to keep Grace busy and loving it!  I'm excited!  This does mean I need to dig out bathing suits, swim diapers and the like...but at least it's no sunscreen! :)

My little Abi just woke up so I'm going to go spend a few minutes kissing on that sweet face.


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