Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the not so best of times

I was going to say it was the best of times, it was the worst of times but that seemed a little overly dramatic.  Here is how my day went...

Both girls were up at 1am and did not want to sleep.  Grace ended up on the couch with Aaron and I had Abi in bed with me.  They eventually fell asleep.  I guess that turned out ok.

Woke up stressing out about an appointment that I had to be at with the girls.  It started at 1pm - the moment their heads usually hit the pillow for naps.  Turns out I didn't have to go today.  The appointment was yesterday.  Fail.  I reschedule for 9:30am next week so I guess that turned out ok.

Then I realized I had an application due today that I didn't have all the paperwork for and I needed things from four other people.  But I currently turned it in with most of the pieces and the assumption person #4 will do their part so I guess that turned out ok.

I have two phone calls that I am not looking forward to making.  One of them happened today and I didn't cry so I guess that turned out ok.

My emails never stay answered - they constantly come in which is good but makes me ALWAYS feel behind.  I did just get an offer to bring (Lil) BOW WOW and "Australia's Thunder From Down Under" to our teen center which made me laugh...hard.  I guess that turned out ok.

I cooked chicken with "lime and honey sauce" for dinner.  It was NASTY.  When you have to use a steak knife to cut chicken that should be evidence it will be bad. Fortunately my husband had to go to a church meeting so I can destroy the evidence - he's a good cook, he can fend for himself.  I guess that turned out ok.

I don't know - just one of those days where it seems like there is stuff every where, children are whiny, tempers are high, and we are all tired.  It'll turn out ok.

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