Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #45

Hey all!

Again, sorry I've been a little sporadic lately.  I feel like I'm reverting to anxious me so I'm trying to be wise about how I spend my time.

1. I am thankful for storytime at the library.  Every time we go we have so much fun - I really like Grace interacting with kids and just watching her get so excited!  I would love to find another weekly activity to do for just a little more out of the house fun.

2. I am thankful my shopping/couponing/budgeting is going well.  So far I have kept to my weekly limit and I have pretty much only gone to the store once per week.  This means less out of the house trips for us and makes me pleased!

3. I am thankful I got to meet baby Harrison today!  What an adorable little man!  My kids were NEVER that small!! :) 

4. I am thankful for two more healthy, growing babies that I'll get to meet soon!

5. I am thankful for vacation coming up soon!

6. I am thankful that my Princesses graduate this Sunday and we get to go out to an AWESOME dinner.

7. I am thankful for girls who will do hair and makeup for me and be paid in cheesecake.

8. So this one is stupid.  For SO LONG I have washed my hair, put mousse in it, sprayed it and let it dry.  Did you know that parting the hair in a different place and a couple bobby pins can make SUCH A DIFFERENCE!?!?  I know, I didn't know either!  Thankful for my "new hairstyle".  (My little sister called it "old hollywood")

9. I am thankful for a husband who calls me on my crazy, eats really strange dinners that I cook and helps discipline our children.

10. I am thankful for my family.  For everything we have and that all our needs are taken care of.

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