Monday, October 29, 2012

a day in the life...

Today's is one of those days I feel like I have it together. It's 11 o'clock my kids are dressed, breads in the bread machine, the dishes are going, the laundry is running and things are pretty calm. I know that I still have a ton to get done today but frankly I feel really relaxed about it right now which is pretty weird for me.

4am move downstairs to the couch so I can turn the monitor off and Aaron can sleep

8 a.m. decided I don't really want to get the kids out of bed yet but I probably should

9am coffee is made kids are dressed we're on our way

10 a.m. first load of laundry is in bread is in the bread machine dishwasher is empty and refill

10:30 a.m. kids are eating toast iand apples, I eat some peanut butter and apples not too shabby for breakfast

11 a.m. kids are playing really really happily I'm working on my grocery list and my to do list for the day

11:30am laundry moved again, playing with the girls

12:20pm nap time show - Abi fell asleep in my arms

12:50pm both girls in bed, Bible then work time

3:00 Grace is up...never seems like I have enough time.  She is eating raisin bread that we made this morning and sitting at her little picnic table in my office while I work.

4:00 Abi is up - had a snack now I'm going to get them settled in with a show so I can sneak out the door.

4:30 Leaving to go grocery shopping

6:30 With a new pair of jeans and a FULL trunk I am headed to Bible study!

7:00 Bible study with my girls

8:30 Dropped off three girls, grocery story

9:45 Home...realized I didn't get Hub's text about what he wanted and went back to school

10:15 home, sleepy, hungry and going to eat now

11:30 It is now late and I have 25 emails to answer and a LOT of boxes to check off on my to do list.  Going to go get after it - goal is bed in 1 hour!


  1. You went back to school for groceries? lol

    You're a busy little bee! Alllll the time.