Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

*this post is oh, exactly a month late*

My Dear Grace,

I adore you.  From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew my life was forever changed.  Now, three years later you have amazed me in so many ways. 

I love when you come up with new things, like the other day when you said "Look Mommy, an octagon."  I didn't even realize you knew the word octagon never mind how to use it.  Or when you sing bits and pieces of songs from here and there.  I love that you are always learning and wanting to know WHY - even when I don't give good answers.  Sometimes Mommy just doesn't know.  And I see that mind turning constantly - seeing and absorbing.

I'm sorry about that too, that absorbing you're doing.  That frustrated noise you make?  Yeah, you got that from watching me.  And I know that my attitude has a huge role in how you behave during the day.

But when I listen to you sing "You Are My Sunshine" to anyone who will listen, or when you go hold someone's hand because they look sad - those are the moments that just melt my mommy heart.  You are such a sweet little girl and want everyone to be happy.

I love how you love your sister and you look out for her.  I have to remind you sometimes that I'm the mom, but only because you are mimicing the things I do and the corrections I may give.

You love fruit - especially strawberries - but you will not eat meat, except bacon and all things breaded.  If I would let you live on milk and cereal you would be a happy camper although you remind me daily that you really like candy.

Grace, I am so excited to be your mom.  Thanks for making my world so much better!


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