Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #78

I am so tired right now.  To the point of looking at my emails and going hmmm, words.  I got nothing left.  Last night I went to bed at a sort of reasonable time but Miss Abi decided it'd be fun to be up until about 2:30.  I was up at 7 and at work by 8:15 and didn't get home until after 6pm.  Long day.  Ah well, the 40 some odd emails can wait till tomorrow right?

This week has seemed so smooth.  I feel like I have gotten a LOT accomplished and just thankful that things seem to be going well.


1.  ...for an upcoming trip to see my Grandparents.  I think they are amazing.

2. ...for a good day at work.  I got yelled at by a customer but other than that it went well.  I tried to be nice but man, I hate getting yelled at.

3. ...for a good balance this week.  I have work to do still but I feel like I have been busy about the important things.

4. ...for ALL the laundry getting done and put away on Monday/Tuesday.  It was amazing.

5. ...for my awesome new water cup from Old Navy.  I now drink a TON of water every day and I feel so much better.

6. ...for my continued weight loss!  I don't talk about it much but I am now down 10+ pounds and while the number I'm shooting for is another 19 to go, if I feel healthy before that, that's fine too.

7. ...for my husband and date nights with friends.

8. ...for Mama DiSalvos...amazing gnocchi and meatballs!  Oh, it was so good.

9. ...for some fun shows coming up at the teen center!

10. ...for getting greeted by "MOMMMMMY!!!" when I got home today.  Never gets old.

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