Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #85

If I had it all together I'd be putting lots of pictures in this post but I decided bedtime was 11pm and want to get this out today soooo, pictures to follow :)

Thankfuls for this week...

1. A "I've got a secret" call from one of my friends :)  I heart babies.  (And actually her opening line was "I beat you" as if it is a competition! :)

2. A beautiful video of the Attic and our team and kids that makes me cry EVERYTIME I watch it.  Once I figure out how to link I will.

3. Admitting to a friend that I do a lot of negative self-talking and sharing our struggles to get stronger!

4. Seeing a great change in our house due to the "do it now" mentality...not perfect, but definitely improved!

5. Getting to love on people.  I still feel like it is very out of the box for me sometimes, but it is cool.

6. The lawsuit again The Attic being dropped!  (This is a fairly long story but a girl was injured and it was because of insurance companies that it happened - God is good, all the time)

7. Watching people surround my family in prayer and support when we announced we had scheduled a closing date for the Attic.  Still waiting to see what God has planned but I feel peaceful in the process.

8. 47 days until I get to see my best friend (ok well she is back in the country in 47 days...I should get to see her shortly after)

9. The crazy expression on people's faces when I talk about my kids and then have to explain that in addition to my two little kids I have 10-15 "big" kids that I consider family as well. :)

10. A return to some amount of normal after the holidays and sickness.

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