Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years "Should Have Already Been Doings"

Last year I posted my Twelve Goals for 2012.  Frankly, I remember what none of them are so that hasn't proven to be a very effective strategy for me.  Here are the five things that I am purposing for 2013 but subject to change with more time to think on it.

1. I Purpose To Do What Should Be Done Now
What do I mean?  I mean that when I see something that needs to be put away, I will do it now.  When I see behavior that needs to be addressed, I will do it now.  When I see a way that I am called and able to serve/give/bless, I will do it now.  I will not continue to put things off, allowing them to build up until they become impossible to handle.

2. I Purpose To Make The Lord My Number One Priority
In re-reading George Mueller's Autobiography I am once again struck by the fact that I may talk a great talk about faith but I need to make sure my life reflects it and that MUST start by being purposefully soaked in the Bible and prayer.  I struggle with this friends.  I have such a hard time being still sometimes but He will mold me!

3. I Purpose To Make My Husband My Number Two Priority
It is so easy to get caught up in the kids, work, life, friends, commitments that I forget how vital it is that I serve my husband first and completely.  It is my goal to serve him with a completely willing spirit, rejoicing in what I have been entrusted with.

4. I Purpose To Plan and Not React
I spend entirely too much of my time in "crunch time" which could sometimes be avoided by planning better.  I'm not sure how this is going to look just yet, but I want to plan and not react.

5. I Purpose To Practice Hospitality
This one will have to come under my husband's blessing (although he is usually quite supportive of these types of endeavors).  I want to love on people around me.  I am blessed beyond belief and if I can make dinner for another mom or watch kids for awhile or have girls over to play games - I want to be purposeful about practicing hospitality.

These are my five things.  Hold me to them ok?

And while I'm at it, my goals for 2012 revisited...

1. Frugality - I managed to cut our household spending and was able to give away out of our excess.  I'd say success.

2. Schedule - Ha ha. Ha.

3. Prioritize - I think God may be working on this in me until the end of time.

4. Repurpose before Purchase - Much better!  We are also in purge mindset!

5. Hospitality - Better, not great.

6. Fellowship - Better, not great.

7. Memorization - Needs improvement.

8. Don't lose me. - I was telling my husband about a God sized victory the other day and I was excited to see what things were bringing me joy.  Still have work to do, but I liked that.

9. Journal - I need to write more.

10. Disciple - I am so thankful for the people God has put in my life this year!  I hope I have blessed them as much as they have blessed me!

11. Treat My Body Well - Lost 16lbs so that's a win.  Need to get off the Christmas cookie diet and back to good foods.

12. Be Purposeful - Obviously an issue still, see above.


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  1. i wrote a lot of comments and it deleted them :( i really like your number one on revisited from 2012. that's amazing! and way to go on loosing weight.

    i'm super encouraged by your do it now goal and don't put off. i'll be using that---you wise lady!