Friday, December 7, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #82

I meant to write this last night.  Seriously :)  I even had a mental list of my ten things going.  Then I stayed out waaaay too late after waking up waaaay too early so it didn't get done.  My sincere apologies.

Here we go...

1. I am thankful for the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert I got to attend last night with my dad, cousins and one of their friends.

2. I am thankful for moments that reaffirm where and why.

3. I am thankful for obedience even when the result wasn't what I expected.

4. I am thankful for Christmas tree set up with the family, shopping and secrets and fun.

5. I am thankful for yarn nativity scenes that my kids can play with and learn from.

6. I am thankful for Disney Live!  We had fun with Miss Grace!

7. I am thankful for taking a walk and actually using a sling.

8. I am thankful for hand print ornaments.  I love setting up my Christmas tree and looking through these, the ones the girls buy with Daddy and all the ones from trips.  I love traditions.

9. I am thankful for tents and playing!
  (Candra, that is a blanket over the baby gate/fence thing you left behind!)
10. I am thankful for quiet, unrushed time with the girls this week.

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  1. As I was scrolling and reading, I kept going back to the pictures at the top. I love those little girls...