Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here!

Y'all understand that my lack of blogging has been Christmas induced right?  :)  As if I have a stellar history of blogging on a regular basis.  Typically around Christmas time I have a list of who I'm buying for and what I want to buy.  This year I had a list of who but had a REALLY hard time with the 'whats'.  Becki (my sister) and I decided that Aaron and I would not exchange gifts with her and her husband which was nice.  I think we both struggle with what gift to get each other and we both agreed to get our parents something extra instead.  Good compromise...except they are also difficult to buy for :) 

Aaron was my hardest challenge and come Wednesday I'll share with you what I ended up with.  I can now honestly say that I am pretty pumped about almost all of the gifts I have (there is one person who I still would like to get something else for, I just have no idea what) and I can't wait to see them get opened!

The girls went with Daddy to get ornaments today.  I will add pictures when I'm not feeling so lazy but there is one on my Instagram site!  I love this tradition although I wish I could be involved.  I think it is an amazing thing for the girlies to go out and make memories with their Daddy though so I will be content just hearing about it.  Grace picked out a Princess (of course) and she told me Daddy help Abi pick one out with owls hooooooooooooooooooooooo.  They are both super cute.

Tomorrow we are going to my Grandparents' house in Indiana (just me and the girls) for the day and then Monday starts that madness in Dayton.  I love Christmas. 

I did decide that next year if anyone doesn't have a present by the 15th they're outta luck.  This last minute nonsense is not fun!  (Oh, AND my kiddos got complemented by a lady at the checkout at KMart for their awesome behavior while waiting in line.  SO PLEASED!)

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