Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Blahs (Not Me!)

It seems like every year after Christmas I'd get just a little blah.  I think mainly because all the preparation and anticipation were over and it just seemed like - great, back to normal.  This year though I love that my kids are just as excited today as they were yesterday.  They are just as ready to go when there is a pile of presents and when there isn't.  I think this year my steady is a result of them.

This year I'm excited about a lot of things.  I feel like personally I have a lot of "resolutions" I want to make for 2013 although I'm going to call them "things I should have been doing anyway" and I'm going to go ahead and start now if that's ok with y'all.  I am also excited about family things and plans for 2013 and am just excited to see what the year will hold for us.

Some of my goals although I'll add more meat to it later are...
- To get out my awesome new camera and take pictures.  Lots of pictures!
- To do things NOW instead of later.
- To spend five minutes every morning figuring out and prioritizing what needs to get done that day.
- Focusing on what is important.

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