Sunday, September 9, 2012

Glad I'm Not "Famous"

I was looking for a blog I used to read online today and in the search it came up with "Blog Name" then underneath "Blog Name Haters".  Then I got looking into a few things and realized that yep, they were right - pretty much every famous blog/person/tv show has a "haters" group too.

I realize there are people in my life who don't like me or might chat about me behind my back - it's a part of being out there but sheesh, to have someone dislike me or my family or something SO much that they feel compelled to not only talk about it but also to post about it on a regular basis.  Breaks my heart.

I'm guilty, I know.  There are people, things, etc that I don't like and while I try to be reasonable about it I do get caught up in the moment sometimes.  (For example, a frustrating experience at Walmart/Target/Meijer/etc - is it the store's fault? corporate's fault? or the cashier's fault? and does it really need to be shared everywhere??)

I don't know - it just makes me sad to think that there are people out there scamming other people, that there are people who's single comment gets taken the wrong way, but mostly that we are such a train wreck society (again guilty myself, not pointing any fingers that don't point right back at me) that there is a platform for this sort of thing.  Makes me want to really think about what I'm watching, reading etc, especially when it comes to the "reality" type shows and blogs in general. 

</end rant> 

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