Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo Day 6: Everyday

Today was family picture days!  We did Grace's 3 year old pictures, Abi's 1 year old pictures, family pictures, me and Aaron pictures, girls together pictures, ALL KINDS OF FUN STUFF! I can't wait to see them all!

We may have bribed Grace to be on her best behavior by promising ice cream.  So that is the picture above...our post picture session treat.  She earned it - she did great!

She has been cracking me up lately.  She remembers so much and shocks me with the things she comes up with sometimes.  She was trying to tell me a show she wanted to watch that we happened to turn to the other night.  I had asked her if the people on it were big or small and a couple other questions (gotta keep it educational!).  So she told me the answers to the questions I had asked.  It was crazy.  I hope these things shock me with Abi too - it is just so fun.

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