Sunday, September 2, 2012

Twelve For '12 Update

I've been thinking today about priorities and the things that have been slipping.  I realized that I haven't been doing a great job keeping up to date pictures of my kids when I couldn't take more pictures the other day because the camera was full from not being deleted for months.  I do take a lot of pictures on my phone but my camera takes better pictures (but a new digital camera is HIGH on my wishlist...if anyone wants to donate one I'll tell you where to find me ;)

Here are my Twelve for '12 goals revisited. 

1. Frugality
I am doing pretty well!  I got caught up in the "I CAN GET IT CHEAP SO I HAVE TO HAVE IT" mindset at first and picked up some things that we didn't need and thus didn't save money.  I have found most make up, paper products and bathroom products do NOT have to be expensive and toothpaste/toothbrushes do not have to be bought.  My next "big" goal is to make my own laundry soap and get serious about meal planning.

2. Schedule
Fail.  I feel like every time I try to schedule I get frustrated quickly.  My new goals include breakfast at the table every morning with a devotional for Grace, some "alone" play time for the girls each day and QUALITY time with mom in the mornings.

3. Prioritize
I have found I like to do the easy things first which usually aren't the important things.  I need to work on this still.

4. Repurpose before Purchase
I have been doing better!  I am trying to get back in the mindset of not wanting to part with my money just for the sake of buying things.  Retail therapy might work for some people but spending a ton of money (even on worthy stuff) will make me a headcase.  I have been doing some serious decluttering and still have a lot to go.  Once I get down to bare bones it'll probably be more of a challenge to figure things out!

5. Hospitality
Eh.  We don't have people over often but I have tried to say "yes" more often than not when it comes to hosting or joining in fellowship (I think the two go very much hand in hand).  I put down the excuses of babies and messes to allow myself the freedom to enjoy people.

6. Fellowship
I love the women in my life.  I love my 'support' and I love knowing that they can call on me as well.

7. Memorization

8. Don't lose me.
Um...not that I've lost me, I just haven't spent a lot of time on me.  And you know what, I think that might be because "me" right now is a mom and a wife and I'm good with that!

9. Journal
I need to write more.  Its in my bones.  I feel like it is a craft that is easily lost and I want it back.

10. Disciple
I love my big kids - so proud of them!

11. Treat My Body Well
I am down 10-ish pounds!  Would like to lose about 20 more (which would be more than pre-Grace but two babies later I'm ok with my new "adult" weight - just not quite there yet!)

12. Be Purposeful
I am considering some radical things: no tv, limited computers (other than work), stop reading blogs on phones, etc etc.  But I have a bent toward legalism that I'm aware of so I think before I make any crazy resolutions I need to figure out the WHY before I figure out the "rule".

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