Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of tomatoes and escape artists

My darling daughter has figured out how to get out of her room at night. 

Night 1: She won't leave her room, it'll be fine!
...until she woke up Hubs who startled her which startled me and ended up with her wide awake in bed with us for an hour till I kicked her out.

Night 2: Child safety lock, we got this!
...until she promptly announced, look mommy, I broke it and opened the door!

Night 3: Unscrew doorknob, child safety lock, heavy kitchen chair in front of it with bells on it.
...I woke up before she did...go figure.

Ah well, we will see.  I need to figure out how to safely keep her contained until I'm ready for her to grace us with her presence :)

Hubs took out the tomato plants the other day. It was a hard fought battle but he prevailed. These things had taken over and were growing up and through our porch slats. There were tomatoes growing inside the railing that couldn't even be removed, carefully as we may have tried.

So now we have three buckets of green tomatoes slowly ripening one at a time. It has been amazing.

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