Tuesday, September 4, 2012


i don't like mornings.
i wake up slow - and usually cranky
i like my coffee...with a lot of sugar and an excessive amount of milk
and then i like to sit. quietly. for awhile. to think.
these faces are what i usually wake up to.
(although I'm supposed to be waking up for quiet time with God)
i love their silliness.
grace tends to wake up pretty slow...sometimes.

abi is off and running from the second her eyes open.
there is no slowing her down.
she needs to explore her world.
and play music.
and laugh.
and hug.
they delight me.  even on days that have to start with "grace, mommy hasn't been using her nice words and I'm sorry"...she is very forgiving.  i hope i extend that same forgiveness.
my beautiful girls - both getting so big and so wise.  i adore them.

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  1. I love those little faces... And I miss them a lot!