Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Letter To Me

Dear Me,

Your office needs help.  You know that right?  Seriously, find the floor.  But ya know, those crumbs on the floor that make you crazy all day every day and those sippy cups by the sink?  Those are signs you have kids and are busy.  It isn't like the floor is covered in crumbs.  (Have you seen those kids eat?  One meal is all it takes.)  Relax.  (But really, find your office floor)

Some days you probably won't make dinner.  Good days, you'll grab a already cooked chicken at Kroger.  Other days, it may be McDonalds.  Trust me, that won't make your kids fat.  Although that and Handy Manny all day might so lets maybe make sure we keep that limit in place.  And you know that husband of yours?  He actually likes to cook.  Good call on marrying him!

You know all those things you tell yourself as you surf the internet?  About how your house isn't decorated well enough or maybe at some people's houses there really is a place for everything?  Yeah, they probably take the pictures right after they clean (and found the floor) too.  Keep working at it, but don't let it define you. 

Speaking of floors, find the one in your closet too.  You have a lot of clothes.  You wear about 25% of them.  Get rid of the rest.  Yes, one day it might look good on you but really, by then you'll want to buy something new anyway.  Say goodbye.  It won't hurt.  I promise.

And no, throwing away some of the pictures that your kid happened to lay a crayon or marker on does not make you a bad mom.  Keep a sampling, keep the special ones, it's ok.  She'll understand.  At least by the time she becomes a mom.

Make lists.  They keep you sane.  But not lists of all the things you don't do well.  That'll make you crazy.  And tackle something you don't want to do everyday.  I bet it doesn't take long before it becomes less stressful.

Eat well.  Eat protein (enlist that husband of yours to cook some meat!).  Don't eat the kid's candy.  Remember, you feel better and more energetic when you remember vitamins and don't eat like it won't last a lifetime on your does, there is no longer anything funny about that saying.

Most importantly.  Pray when you tell people you will.  Pray right then.  Don't forget.  Make a list.  And read your Bible.  God isn't done talking to you yet.  In fact, pretty sure He'll tell you something most every day.  Do it.  No really, do it.

It's a crazy world out there, surround yourself with people you love.

And have a great day!


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