Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So there is a blog I like that does "Monday Musings" which I feel might be appropriate for me.  But it's Tuesday...and I still haven't done last weeks Thankful Thursday or Five Minute Friday so maybe adding another day is a bad idea.  But it would be an easy way to get my random thoughts out.

Things to think about.

So in other news...

...I cut my hand open.  My right hand, go figure, right below the pinky on the outside.  It's ugly.  Anyway, I cut it washing a cup (I have also broken two cups and a vase in the space of a couple days) so I immediately wrapped it in my dirty dish towel and called Aaron to come home from work (I'm a weenie and he works 2 minutes away).  He came home, looked at it and promptly left to get me bandages.  LOTS of bandages.  And chocolate.  It was nice.  Either way, it is healing.  And I took a picture so if you want to see it I'll text ya. 

...It's almost Thanksgiving!  I can't wait to see my family!  So fun!

...I got a pre-Christmas gift from my parents!  Well, its for the family...probably mainly the girls...but for now it is MY Wii.  :)  I'm excited.

...I have been Instagramming more.  Find me at www.instagram.com/elikil22

...I had more thoughts but I still have a lot to do and my hand hurts.  I did want to post and say happy Thanksgiving!  Thankful this week for a lot!

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