Saturday, November 3, 2012


My house is strangely quiet.  No kids shows rumbling in the background, no faint wisps of music floating up the stairs.  Just me and the keyboard.

It is in moments like these where I think of all the work I should be getting done but instead I just pause for another moment to soak it in.  To find that refreshment that I need when things are loud. and crazy. and full.

I feel like I am always at war with myself - needing the quiet and solitude but craving my family and kids at the same time.  I think that without the quiet I don't do the rest very well.  This is where I am refreshed.

Today's agenda is: work now, while I can.  Love on the girls when they wake up and listen to them laugh.  Finish everything else when they go to sleep.


I'm going to go sip my coffee and drink in the silence of the house for another moment and then chip away at what today has in store.

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