Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #79

I'm thankful, oh so thankful (sung to a tune heard only in my head)...

1. Family Pictures!

2. Awesome awesome awesome time with my grandparents this past weekend!

3. Chris Rice on Spotify. What a weird and diverse play list but makes me happy.

4. That my kid LOVES to go to church and did so great in a new church kid's program when we visited my grandparents!

5. A positive email about my Grandpa's health situation.

6. A kid who keeps getting bigger and has SO much personality!

7. Speaking of personality...we went on a cupcake date...she started tunes only heard in her head.

8. My kiddo announcing she was going to marry one of my best friend's sons.  And then telling me in a completely different conversation we needed to go buy roses and cake.

9. Snow!  I love snow.  My kiddo is so pumped to go sledding so she was watching carefully the few flakes we got.

10. Christmas shopping.  SOOOO pumped for Christmas shopping.


  1. i am missing ohio. the snow. and you.

    love seeing your girls. i want heaven to have a sister already.

  2. That wedding gown picture!!! OMG!

    And Abi is NOT big enough to sit in that chair!! lol

    I miss you all.