Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Identity

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Five Minute Friday: Identity


awhile ago my four year old sis in law came to spend a week with us.  i think that was the first time i heard someone refer to me as "grace's mommy".  usually my kids get their identity from me, but it was nice to get my identity from them.

identity should be a natural result of the things we love.

grace's mommy.
abi's mommy.
bible study leader.
Christ follower.

identity is the hats i wear.  but it is also the way i relate to people. identity is hard.  sometimes it is easy to lose.  sometimes we don't recognize when it changes.  i was thinking that although my name will never change who i am might...but thats not even true because my name did change.  and with it, my identity. hmmmmmm.



  1. such an insightful statement" Identity should be a natural result of the things we love." Visiting from 5mF...Happy Mother's Day, early :)

  2. it is pretty great to be known by our kids - my first son's name is asher and early on i made my screen name for a lot of things "ashersmama." even 5 kids later, i use the same screen name.

    thanks for visiting my blog and happy mother's day!

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