Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #55 guess how many posts I have either actually drafted or written completely in my head but not on my computer.  Yeah, at least five.

Thankful this week for...

1. The reminder that God is ALWAYS there.  I love finding old journals and being inspired to write again.  Fun fact to know and tell, I used to write ALL THE TIME.

2. My amazing hard working husband who has rebuilt our fence!  The girls may be getting a swing set from my parents for their birthdays so we are getting the back yard ready!

3. I don't know if I wrote about her yet, but my new adopted big kid!  She is official, we voted her in then initiated her with a Gilmore Girls night.  Love her honest and refreshing opinions.  I am now up to 2 babies and 3 big kids (17-22 years old)

4. I am thankful for a new recipe for shepherds pie (thanks to Rachel Ray who I generally don't like...because her 30 minute meals usually take me at least an hour...but this one said 40 minutes and I thought that was refreshingly honest :)

5. Some changes coming up in our children's program at church!  I'm pretty pumped about some things coming up (and hoping that I'll get the toddlers to teach in my rotation!)

6. I'm thankful for my kiddo's sweet personality and while she has her moments she generally responds to correction well.  I'm also thankful that she is teaching me patience and that to get a point across it really does work to lower my voice instead of raise it (thanks Michelle Duggar!)

7. I am thankful that m&ms and pennies are like GOLD to my kiddo.  She gets to ride the horse at Meijer if she can hold her penny the whole time we're in the store (which means she needs to be calm) and if she uses the potty (which she hasn't yet) she gets a penny which she is SUPER excited about.

8. I am thankful for a playdate with Miss Christine and her two boys this week!  I LOVE adult conversation.

9. I am thankful for an awesome painting that one of my big kids gifted me.  This young lady is TALENTED!

10. Time outs.  For me.

Best quote of the week.

From my hubs, when he came home and I was still in my office working:
"You're always laughing.  Its probably something inappropriate."

...nope, just tired. :)

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