Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Potty Training and Other Messy Things

Do you think it is a sign that my kid isn't ready to potty train when she tells me the potty makes her "so sad, so so sad!"  I think she's a little dramatic but she does NOT want to go on the potty.  I did get her to sit on it for about 15 minutes with a popsicle...which was really just frozen yogurt (it's yummy).  Ah well, one of these days...maybe...

Frozen Yogurt Pops on the Swing Set!
That is her AUNT Hannah by the way, my little sister in law.
They are six weeks apart.
 In other news I recently painted a sign for our thrift store.  The square part on the bottom can be taken off so a new sign can be slipped on for different sales. :)

Yea!  I was excited!

Saturday a friend's daughter came over to play in the morning.  Yesterday my little sister in law came over.  This morning my friend brought her daughter back over (and stayed to babysit so I could get some work done!).  It has been fun having people in my house.  I also had two girls randomly come by the other day for a little while.  I like the openness of it and I wish I was more flexible with my time to "allow" for that sort of thing.  Although, there are people that call and say "hey what are you doing?" and what they generally mean is "hey, I'm home and I'm coming over" and I'm always ok with that!
My kids being strange.
My days seem crazy lately.  (My guess is that will go away if I were to either quit my job or all my kids were old.  Since neither is happening soon maybe I need to adjust "crazy" to normal and "really really crazy" to "crazy"...things to think about).  I feel like we have had a lot going on but nothing going on - if that makes sense.  Appointments, deadlines, meetings...they fill the days.  I have been really trying to focus though on joy through it all especially with my kids and trying to enjoy each moment.  Abi is full of laughter and Grace is too smart for her own good :) I adore them.

This is all the free stuff I got last week.  This week I also got hair color, more hot dogs, shampoo, cool whip, and ridiculous deals on a LOT more stuff.  (I spent $47 at Meijer and saved $58 I believe it was...spent $10 at Target and saved $10...spent $11 at Kroger and saved somewhere around $14 I believe.  I've been working on that post but have not gotten around to finishing it.)

Alright, that was enough randomness.  NOW I'm going to go tackle the 30 emails that are mocking me.

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