Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just my life...

2 year old + mascara = great photo opp

I feel like I haven't given any general life updates recently.  OK, lets be honest, I haven't really posted much recently.  Not for lack of trying - I write tons of blog posts in my head - I just never seem to have time to put them on "paper".  Ah well, tis the season of life I'm in I suppose!

The girls are great.  Grace is going through a somewhat emotional phase and EVERYTHING is a big deal.  I suppose this is what the teen years will look like too so I might as well get some practice in.  Abi thinks everything is funny except for when Grace sits on her (which happens more than you would think) or when her attempts to escape are thwarted.  She is still just army crawling but man, that girl can move fast!

Hubs is fantastic. He has been working hard on some stuff around our house which of course motivates me to clean and organize as well.  It is always nice to see noticeable results of a day's work.  We have gotten some lights fixed, fence up, toilet repaired (I did that one, aren't I handy?), sink pipes cleaned out, fire pit started, plants in the "garden" and lots more.  I am extremely pleased with all of this. 

I am doing well.  I feel like my days go so quickly and so slowly all at the same time.  I am in a bit of a funk with feeling the need to "entertain" my kids and probably need to focus more on providing activities (coloring, toys, play dough) that Grace can do on her own with me nearby rather than feeling the need to do a song and dance every time she gets "bored". 

Work is going well - band booking seems to have slowed down which is typical for this time of year but doesn't make for a comfortable month.  I have been encouraged by the number of girls sticking with the Princess Program - we usually start out with over 10 girls and end up with 6 or so, which is just fine.  I think right now we have nine that are going strong!  My older three girls are doing well with the Experiencing God Bible study.  Can I just say, leading all of these really magnifies the areas in my life that need work.  It is impossible to lead without growing and that is a challenge and delights me all at the same

Overall, life is good.  Busy, stressful at times, but good.  I feel like just when one stage starts to get worked out things change again - but I suppose that is how we grow!

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