Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Story

Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking

Five Minute Friday: Story


i am thinking about the story of my journey toward being a wife and mother - where to begin.  it really began when i was in seventh grade and my father in law was my sunday school teacher.  i knew his whole family back then but didn't know he had a son that was old enough for me to marry - neither did he.

see, his son was born when he was sixteen and he had just moved across the country.  he didn't know she was pregnant and she didn't know how to track him down.  when my husband was in his early 20s he found my father in law and began a relationship with him, moving here from his former hometown.

i met him while serving in a ministry that my father in law started to help troubled teens (he could relate).  when i met my husband, i knew there was something special about took him a little while longer.  for a year we danced around the idea of because my longest previous relationship lasted two painfully awkward dates so i had no clue how this whole dating thing was supposed to work and him because i think he thought i was nuts.  :)  finally, after building a friendship for a year we dated.

two years after that we had our first kiss.  on a bridge.  after he got down on one knee and slipped a beautiful diamond on my finger.  that was the only way to get around the no kissing rule ;)

six months later we were married.  i tried to convince him we could plan a wedding in three but he talked me out of it. 

this story, my story is definitely one that was written by God Himself. i work with teens and we talk all the time about dating and relationship and breakups and boys.  i'm not a whole lot of use when it comes to the heartache and breakups part - i never really did that.  my husband is the first and only man i've ever kissed and i am so thankful.  i always tell teens that God definitely protected me from myself but if i found a man willing to wait through TWO YEARS of dating, they certainly can too.  it is so worth it. 



  1. I love your love story. My husband is the only man that I have kissed as well. I am so grateful that I waited. I think you have an awesome testimony to these kids on how great marriage can be when you wait for the one God has for you. You are proof that it can be done. That God's will for our lives is achievable and that the lies of the devil that are so prevalent in our society are just that, lies. Don't belittle your testimony. It is powerful and I guarantee that there is at least one teen in your care who is impacted by the knowledge that waiting is not just something that is talked about but something that is actually achievable!

  2. yes, and amen. And i love that you see God's hand at work in your life.