Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Photo 10: Your Favorite Color

Day 10: Your Favorite Color

Abi's first ride on the grocery store horse.
Very hard to hold onto her and get far back
enough to take a decent picture.

My favorite color: PINK.  Although I'll admit I'm kind of thinking some blue in my life might be fun.  We'll see!  (No, not an announcement).  Grace has been such a sweet kid today.  I am learning and re-learning that she is absolutely a touch kid so when she wants to be held telling her no crushes her.  I learned that the hard way (again) Sunday when I was just too busy to stop and hold her in the morning - then at night she went to bed and screamed "CUDDLE ME MOMMY" for about 10 minutes until I went in and hung out with her for a bit.  Sweet, but I should not forget these things.

My mouth has been crazy hurting lately.  I have a tooth the Dentist is going to fix tomorrow but it brought me to tears (a couple times) today and Grace was very sweet about it and gave me lots of kisses.  Christine brought her boys over to watch the girls while I went to the Dentist today to look at options and when I got home she greeted me with "hi mommy, your tooth is all better?".  What a sweetie.

I am so thankful for my community of friends who I can call for babysitting, advice and friendship anytime.  And I love that they know they can call on me.  It's amazing and it really does take a village! :)

Alrighty, that was my long, more of an update post.  I am loving these picture posts but am looking forward to some more "content" posts soon.  I think thankfuls and five minute fridays are still the best though!

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