Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Photo 20-27

OK, lets just be honest going in - some of these I'm grasping a little bit.  Some of them are entirely too funny on the timing.  Here goes -

Day 20: Eyes

No, she doesn't wear glasses.
Yes, I know it is bad for her eyes.
Now isn't she cute?
 Day 21: 9 o'clock
My super yummy homemade sauce. Yes, I eat dinner
sometimes at 9pm.
 Day 22: Upside Down
My super silly sis-in-law who stayed with us this week.
 Day 23: Mirror
Sometimes I see so much of me in her it makes my heart
do flip flops.
 Day 25: Heart
Grace is holding Abi on her first ever
penny pony ride.  (Of course I am holding
Abi too which is why the picture isn't framed
super well...memories!)
 Day 26: Sunshine

Day 27: On The Road
Grace won't drive - so Abi is :)
They are playing with the radio.

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