Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Photo 16-19 (Sign, Your Addiction, Plate, Animal)

Day 16: Sign

A sign we watch too much TV at my house?  Also a good sign she is going to be walking VERY soon!

Day 17: Your Addiction

Coffee is about as close to a food/drug addition as I get, but I do like me some ice cream!  This mug my sister in law painted for me before I got married.  We painted instead of the "traditional" bachelorette party!

Day 18: Plate

Salmon with an amazing pesto/garlic sauce, spinach and potatoes.  SOOOO good.  My husband is amazing.

Day 19: Animal

We went to the pet store yesterday and I tried to convince Aaron to let me get a cat, a dog and some fish.  He vetoed all of them.  I told him he was probably right and the only living thing I'd be ok with adding to our family would be another human.  But we did think this little guy was cute...and we left with a picture :)

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