Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blackberry Post 3

What a long day! I am blaming hormones for a good portion of it - and tiredness. We were out the door at 10 this morning (early for us, we are on a late schedule) for pictures. We did family pictures, pictures with Hubs and I with each of the girls, 2 year old pictures for Grace and newborn pictures for Abi. I can't wait to see (and share) them! 

I have a TON of work stuff to get done - so tired all the time though. I keep trying to remember I have a baby who is 13 days old and its just going to have to happen as it happens.  Ah well. It stresses me out though! I did get my inbox down to 19 emails and just said lots of thank yous to the people who are helping me.

The positives are some play time with Grace while Abi napped in the crib.  I also got sweet cuddle time with Abi after Grace went to sleep!

This is my third attempt to finish this post :). Abi is in bed with me because sometimes she just won't fall asleep any other way (don't worry, she then gets moved to her pack and play).  My parents upgraded their mattress this week which means new king sized bed for me! :). I think all four of us could sleep in this bed and never touch each other.

Candra recently wrote a post called "How a busy mom prays" a great read for anyone who is busy, mom or not. I am thankful tonight that the Lord knows how tired my brain is. I used to do quiet time in the morning, then right after Grace went down for a nap. Now I never have assurance of quiet in my day but I know at some point I will go to sleep so I've been doing quiet time then.  I have been learning a lot from 1 Corinthians these days.  Tonight though Abi didn't want to sleep and my brain is now too tired to make sense (and application) of Paul...I recently had a conversation with Hubs where the words "Jesus was never a mom" came out of my mouth...but ya know, I'm sure He understands. :)



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