Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Update

Usually Monday is my "update" day but my Monday was crazy.  Although it is almost Tuesday as I type this out on my blackberry, again to email myself, and of course as soon as I start the kiddo wants to nurse again :)

The goal today was to get to Kroger. After 3 false starts (poopy diaper, need to burp and unexplained fussiness) we finally made it out the door. Grace walked with me and did AWESOME. I was so proud of her! She only fussed once and the checkout lady quickly fixed that with some stickers. I only got staples so Hubs still got leftovers for dinner but I'd call it a success.

In the midst of that a comment was made to me that I took extremely personally.  I think a good lesson of today is to not get THAT worked up about something and not to share that frustration until you clarify the comment. Once I asked for an explanation and understood the context I was much less offended - and then had to share that part too. One day I'll learn!

Today I got almost everything on my to do list done (which is amazing since by 3pm the only thing I'd done was write the to do list).  The main thing for me anyway, was getting everything together for our family pictures tomorrow.  The goal is a family picture, Grace's 2yr old picture (her birthday is Friday) and Abi's newborn pictures.  So excited!

Which reminds me I still need to post about Abi's birth and some pictures of her! I'll put that on tomorrow's to do list...no promises! :)


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  1. i read your updates and crack up because I know you typed them on your Blackberry. But I'm still really glad you post, because I miss you.