Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly Update

Random baby thoughts...

Abi has been sleeping GREAT at night - she is up a lot to eat but usually goes right back to sleep.  I have been feeling pretty rested (but am still taking an afternoon nap!).

It is sad when one of the cutest bras I own is a nursing bra.  (TMI?)

I'm married again!  My ring now comfortably fits on my finger again...just my wedding band, the diamond will have to wait.

Grace loves to give Abi kisses...and sometimes throw a cup at her head.  It's been interesting trying to balance keeping them apart and allowing Grace to get near the baby.  We have a lot to learn!

I am never leaving the house with the two of them alone.  Yesterday my mom came over so we could go to Target and Kroger.  We barely made it through Target...stressed me out!  Abi cried the whole time or needed to be held (we went RIGHT after she ate too), Grace wants to walk but not really, but does, but likes to grab stuff, but wants to be held, no wait walk.  TOO MUCH!  :)  I'm sure it'll get easier!

It has been great.  I love my girls and am enjoying getting to see our new family dynamics.  Grace is going to be a wonderful big sister!


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