Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #22

A few days'll forgive me won't you?

1) I am thankful for ABIGAIL ANN who was born on August 31, 2011 at 1:16pm.  She was 21 inches long and 9lbs 8oz.  A beautiful baby girl!

2) I am thankful for an easy delivery, no tearing and what appears will be a speedy recovery.

3) I am thankful for 10 perfect fingers, 10 perfect toes and what appears to be perfect in between.  She has had no health issues and is doing great!

4) I am thankful that breastfeeding is going much easier this time and we seem to be doing well.  Not going to give up easily!

5) I am thankful that so far nights haven't been terrible and she has been an "easy" baby.

6) I am thankful that although there have already been a few issues, Grace is adjusting relatively well and hopefully will get "gentle" very soon!

7) I am thankful for my awesome family and friends who cheered us on, encouraged us and rejoiced with us when she was born!

8) I am thankful for my husband...without whom there would be no babies but seriously, I would have a hard time getting through the labor without him...he is my hero!

9) Drugs.  Sorry natural mommas, you're tougher than I am.  I am thankful for epidurals which made the experience much more enjoyable :)

10) I am thankful for everyone who prayed for us during the day.  Labor/delivery can always be a bit scary and knowing that ya'll were on guard for us is always a true blessing.

I'll follow up with Abi's birth story and some pictures VERY soon!


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  1. So pregnant women DO have babies during the day?! What? lol I'm so happy for you and your family. I couldn't be more anxious to meet your new little girl. Love you and miss you tons!!