Wednesday, September 21, 2011


(Written on Blackberry at 11pm last night)
I am hanging out with Miss Abi who does NOT want to wake up to eat - strange kid!  It has been a long day! I had an appointment with the girls at 9am (again, early in my world, we are all night people).  Lately I've been thinking about my tone of voice.  Grace is a endless ball of energy, she wears me out.  I find though that it isn't her so much that can make me lose control of my tone as much as it is when things around me are bothering me.

I hate that when a work thing is weighing on me or after a sharp word from someone I am more likely to be impatient with my daughter(s).  It seems like they should get my best - and for the most part they probably do - and be sheltered from my worst.  Lord willing this will be refined from me, but just like there are years of training in obedience ahead of us, I probably have years of training ahead of me in this area.

(Written this morning)
My kids are awesome!  Hubs asked me this morning if I was doing ok because I seemed upset.  (I was frustrated - dishes were overflowing, Abi wouldn't calm down, Grace needed something every time I sat down...normal stuff).  I told him I was fine because I was going to spend the day with my two beautiful girls...he told me I was losing it :)

I feel the pressure of working, living, wife-ing, mothering, and not going crazy...pray for me people, I'm going to need it! :)

Have a great day...I'm going to go tackle some of this mountain, one step at a time!


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