Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #24

Happy Thursday!!

1) I am thankful for a successful birthday party for my little girl!  We were missing a couple close friends (cough cough Morgan, Joie cough, cough) but we had a great time anyway!  I also was remember that this was when I met Candra who does Thankful Thursdays in the first place (See her awesome post about how we met here)! 

2) I am thankful for GREAT sleepers!  My kids are awesome!  (And yes, EVERY time I brag about how awesome my kids sleep we have a terrible night so you may not want to talk to me tomorrow, I'll probably be tired)

3) I am thankful for routine. Grace is finally in a nap at noon, bed at 8pm routine.  It only varies when I get caught out of the house in the morning longer than expected or if she is too busy playing at the Grandparent's house to go to bed.  I LOVE IT!  She does a great job with it, goes right to sleep and does so well!

4) I am thankful for iTunes.  That way when I have a song stuck in my head I can just go buy it rather than have to hunt it down at a store or from a friend!  (Point of Grace, Life Love and Other Mysteries)

5) I am thankful for my truck.  With two kids I have never appreciated the space I have in my car more!  I can haul whatever gear I need, two kids (and my hubs!) with no problems.  I LOVE IT.

6) I am thankful for hot chocolate.  Recently we sent ministry updates out to some friends with a pack of hot chocolate asking them to pray for us as they drank it.  I also wrote all of their names on a pack of hot chocolate at my house so when I drank it I could pray for them!  I am enjoying "working" through my stack.

7) I'm thankful that my husband isn't super particular.  We had left over burgers and hotdogs from the party and have been eating them...a lot.  My past 6 meals (except breakfasts) have been hamburgers...his too.  Thank goodness they are almost gone AND that we decided to take a break for date night last night.  (My dinner is still in the fridge - got a wicked migraine and couldn't eat so I'm looking forward to it today!)

8) I am thankful that we "make it work"...nothing in particular but even with only two kids I'm asked all the time how I get things done.  I don't know, we just do.  Some things become much less important, other things get done when I should be sleeping but it all gets done because it has to get done. 

9) I am thankful for friends who are transparent.  I always feel like in one-on-one situations I'll tell people pretty much anything they want to know IF they ask (or I feel compelled to share) however in my blog and even in general conversation I feel like I am guarded so as not to offend or speak negatively about someone else.  I think it is good and bad all at the same time - but I'm thankful for friends who are transparent in an appropriate way.  I'm learning.

10) I am thankful for a nursing/formula schedule that is doing REALLY well!  Abi seems to be getting less formula then even last week so I am super thankful for that.  I could add up how much she is getting every day (yes, I am keeping records so the doctors and lactation people know that I'm putting effort into this and have some info) but that would require calculation time that I just don't have right now!

Thanks for hanging out with me and reading my thankfuls.  If you leave a comment I'll be even thankful-er (yup, just made that up).  Hope you have a great day and find something to be thankful for!


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  1. I missed being there!! I'm glad it went well, but I'm sad I couldn't make it... I will hopefully see you soon!!

    And I am also thankful that everything is going well with your two little girls. You're pretty wonderful, and I'm glad I can call you my friend!!