Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Not To Stay Rested

I am three weeks away from my due date - well, officially three weeks tomorrow.  For the past week I have had my sister-in-law living on my couch.  Ladies, if you are three weeks from your due date JUST SAY NO!  They MAKE you stay up late, play card games, each junk food and not rest!  :)  She has been a blast to have here and I've really enjoyed the time with her.  We've also had a few friends over which helps her not go crazy and is fun for me too!  Last night Morgan brought us all Blizzards from Dairy Queen because she is amazing!

Another tip for not resting is to make absolutely sure you stay busy with work stuff.  I don't know why but it seems like this has been a busier than usual week.  I have gotten a ton done and planned but it has been crazy!

And finally, in order to not stay rested make sure you have a huge selection of library books.  I currently have seven checked out now that I'm excited to read (and no, nothing that will increase my brain knowledge, they are all Christian chick-lit) so I've stayed up late reading those too.  Ah well, my theory is I need something on hand in the hospital because I know I'll have a bit of down time.

Doc says baby is sounding good.  She also thinks the baby is head down so I'm super excited about that!  I really hope she is face down too but I guess we'll find that out soon enough.  Three more weeks and I don't have to keep her name a secret anymore!!!


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  1. Morgan SchneiderJuly 28, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    Yay for late night card games and ice cream!! :)

    You have been a trouper... we have kept you up late many a day in the last couple of weeks. You have kept up like a champ, and kicked all of our butts, by the way!!

    I love spending time with you. You're awesome.