Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #15 (a Day early)

We are currently without power so while I have access to the internet I thought I'd go ahead and write my Thankfuls for the week!  We're hoping it will be back on tomorrow night...but who knows for sure!

1) I am thankful that during the crazy storm nothing hurt our home!  We had trees down all over the neighborhood including one that went down two houses down that took out the power line.  We also had one fall out front that missed Aaron's truck by about 5 feet.  Our home was not hurt in any way (that we've found yet anyway) so we are grateful for protection!  And Grace slept RIGHT through all the craziness!

2) 5 weeks left of pregnancy!  I have my next Dr appointment on Monday then I think I'm at every week appointments.  It is coming soon!!!  So excited to be able to share pictures of our little girl with you all!

3) Grace has adapted well to our crazy no-power house.  We spent Monday night at home of course since the storm hit late.  Tuesday after nap we went to a friend's house to hang out for a bit, then to a coffee shop, then to my parents house where we camped out.  She has done great and is playing really well!

4) I'm thankful that my parents live just about 5 minutes from us and still have power!  It was much cooler sleeping here last night then it would have been at home.

5) I'm thankful for my awesome husband and the hard work he puts into making sure we are safe in situations like this.  I am paranoid about tornadoes so I'm grateful that he is the calm one!  :)

6) I'm thankful for the quiet time we had on Monday to watch the aftermath of the storm, chat with a few neighbors and just enjoy each others company.  It was VERY quiet Monday night after all the thunder died down and just peaceful.

7) I'm thankful for pool dates and play dates and all the wonderful things that I get to do as a mom.  It is a blast hanging out with friends who love me and my kiddo.  We've hung out with a lot of awesome people this week and are thankful for every one of them!

8) Date night!  I'm thankful that today is Wednesday and that means it is date night!  We also spent some family time at Ceaser's Creek on Sunday.  Aaron was fishing and Grace thought it was the greatest thing ever.  She just followed him around like it was the greatest thing she has ever seen.  She was ok with petting the fish but had no interest in kissing it.  Probably a good call :)

9) I am thankful for how verbal my little girl is.  She is doing such a great job communicating with us these days and I'm grateful  for that before the baby is here!  Also makes her super fun to play with.

10) I'm grateful my kid loves me even when it means she is climbing in the chair and I need to stop typing now :)


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