Friday, July 15, 2011

Things I Am Looking Forward To

1) Meeting this little girl in the next month or so:

2) Family Pictures
We are getting family pictures done by Ash Marie Photography because her pictures are great and her prices are amazing!  (I'd rather have Miss Candra take them but sadly Georgia is quite a ways away)

3) Settling In
I am one of those people that just wants to know what it's going to be like.  I want to have both my girls here, home and see what my "new" life looks like. 

4) Birthday Parties!
Ok, only one real birthday party coming up on September 18 for Grace!  But my birthday is in 2 weeks, baby in 5 weeks, Aaron in 7 weeks and Grace in 9 weeks!  Going to be nutty!

5) Ministry Update Letter
I am working diligently on our family's ministry update letter.  I struggle with it because we need support from family, friends and strangers to be able to do this ministry thing full time...but I always hate the ask.  I'm looking forward to having it written and mailed so I can just pray about it but not "worry" about it anymore.

6) Baking
A couple of my Attic girls get cheesecakes for their birthdays every year.  One of them has a birthday on August 16th so to avoid potentially missing it we made her fake birthday July 16!  So tonight I get to make her a pineapple upside down cheesecake (her choice) for her fake b-day tomorrow!  So fun :)

I'm sure there is more!  I'm having a hard time focusing today so figured a list might get me going! :)


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