Monday, January 16, 2012

2 Quick, Inexpensive Meals

Thought I'd share two quick, easy and inexpensive meals!

1) Soup over Rice
You've probably seen the Campbell's commercials with their chunky soup over rice (or mashed potatoes).  It is actually really good!  I recently got 4 cans of soup on sale for $1.25 each with a $.50 coupon that doubled so $1.00 each.  This is 2-3 servings for me.  I buy fairly large bags of rice so lets say a serving of rice is about $.10.  A good (fairly) healthy meal for me is about $.60 a person.  Some other tips to make it really quick, especially if you are eating alone.  Rice freezes well so you can make a bunch in advance, freeze it in serving sizes and heat it up as needed.  You can also pour the soup right on top and microwave - no pan needed!

2) Shepherds Pie
The cheap way is to get a pound or more of ground beef (I think I got 1.5lbs for around $3) and brown it.  Then mix in a $1 bag of mixed vegetables, 12oz.  Mix up a brown gravy pack (about .75) and mix those three things all together then put in a 9x13 dish.  Make mashed potatoes (potatoes are cheap) and spread that on top.  Top with some shredded cheese and heat long enough to melt the cheese and make sure everything is heated through.  The super easy way to do this one is to buy Bob Evan's or similar already made mashed potatoes.  I suppose you could use instant to but I'm pretty much opposed to the taste of those! :)  I would say about $1 per serving then I am going to add salad (with a coupon), homemade applesauce and homemade bread!

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